50 Famous People who have Used Hypnosis


Many people across various fields and disciplines have turned to hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enhance their performance, overcome challenges, and reach their fullest potential. Here's a list of 50 famous individuals who have utilized these techniques, along with brief descriptions of how they have employed them:

1. Tiger Woods - Golfer

  • Widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers, Tiger Woods has used both hypnosis and NLP to enhance his focus and performance on the golf course. He began incorporating these techniques into his routine at a young age, attributing them to his incredible success and mental resilience.

2. Thomas Edison - Inventor

  • Thomas Edison, the renowned inventor of the light bulb and phonograph, reportedly used self-hypnosis to help him develop his creative ideas. This practice allowed him to tap into his subconscious mind, accessing a deeper well of innovation and problem-solving capabilities.

3. Oprah Winfrey - Media Mogul

  • Oprah Winfrey, a celebrated television host and philanthropist, has spoken about her use of hypnosis to overcome personal challenges and enhance her focus and productivity. She attributes some of her enormous success in the media industry to these mind-enhancing techniques.

4. Winston Churchill - Politician

  • The former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, is said to have utilized hypnosis to maintain his energy and stamina during the demanding years of World War II. This allowed him to maintain a clear and focused mindset during critical decision-making moments.

5. Ellen DeGeneres - Comedian and TV Host

  • Ellen DeGeneres turned to hypnosis to quit smoking successfully. Recognizing the power of the subconscious mind, she used this method to overcome the addiction, reflecting on the positive impact it had on her health and well-being.

6. Albert Einstein - Physicist

  • Renowned physicist Albert Einstein reportedly utilized hypnosis to aid in his thought processes and theoretical developments. This practice helped him access deeper levels of concentration and creativity, contributing to his groundbreaking work in physics.

7. Sylvester Stallone - Actor

  • Sylvester Stallone, the famed actor best known for his roles in "Rocky" and "Rambo," has used hypnosis to enhance his performance and confidence on screen. This technique helped him connect with his characters and deliver more powerful and authentic performances.

8. David Beckham - Soccer Player

  • Soccer legend David Beckham used hypnosis to help him with performance anxiety during his illustrious career. By using these techniques, he was able to manage stress and focus on the game, contributing to his impressive success on the field.

9. Madonna - Singer

  • Pop icon Madonna has employed hypnosis to explore her creativity and manage the pressures of fame. This tool has helped her remain at the forefront of the music industry, constantly evolving and staying true to her artistic vision.

10. Nikola Tesla - Inventor

  • Inventor Nikola Tesla, famous for his contributions to electrical engineering, reportedly used visualization and hypnosis techniques to spark his innovative ideas. He often entered trance-like states to visualize his inventions before bringing them to life.

11. Usain Bolt - Sprinter

  • The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, has used NLP and visualization techniques to mentally prepare for races. This mental preparation, paired with his physical training, has contributed to his unparalleled success on the track.

12. Steve Hooker - Olympic Pole Vaulter

  • Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Hooker used hypnosis to overcome his fears and mental blocks in pole vaulting. These techniques allowed him to perform at his best, resulting in remarkable achievements in his sport.

13. Jimmy Connors - Tennis Player

  • Tennis champion Jimmy Connors worked with a hypnotherapist to enhance his focus and performance on the court. This collaboration helped him maintain composure during critical matches, leading to numerous victories.

14. Tony Robbins - Motivational Speaker

  • Tony Robbins, a renowned motivational speaker and life coach, has used NLP extensively in his work. He employs these techniques to facilitate personal growth and transformation for himself and his clients.

15. Princess Diana - British Royal

  • Princess Diana used hypnosis to cope with the pressures and scrutiny of public life. This practice allowed her to manage stress and maintain her grace and composure in the public eye.

16. Mozart - Composer

  • Legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is said to have used hypnosis to aid in his creative process. By accessing deeper states of relaxation and creativity, he composed some of the most enduring pieces of classical music.

17. Andre Agassi - Tennis Player

  • Tennis superstar Andre Agassi used hypnosis to improve his concentration and performance during matches. This mental training complemented his physical skills, contributing to his impressive career.

18. Matt Damon - Actor

  • Actor Matt Damon publicly praised hypnosis for helping him quit smoking. This positive experience showcased the potential of hypnosis in breaking habits and making lasting life changes.

19. Michael Jordan - Basketball Player

  • NBA legend Michael Jordan used visualization and hypnosis techniques to sharpen his focus and enhance his performance on the basketball court. His mental training played a key role in his illustrious career.

20. Henry Ford - Industrialist

  • Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, used visualization and hypnosis to inspire innovation and perseverance. These techniques helped him revolutionize the automotive industry, turning his visions into reality.

21. Sarah Ferguson - British Royal

  • Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, utilized hypnotherapy to lose weight and increase her self-confidence. This transformative experience allowed her to reclaim control over her health and self-image.

22. Jack Nicklaus - Golfer

  • Professional golfer Jack Nicklaus attributes his success in golf to hypnosis and visualization. These mental exercises helped him hone his skills, focus on his goals, and become one of the sport's greatest players.

23. Jessica Alba - Actress

  • Actress Jessica Alba used hypnobirthing techniques during childbirth, utilizing hypnosis to create a calm and controlled experience. This use of hypnosis helped her manage pain and anxiety during labor.

24. Bruce Willis - Actor

  • Bruce Willis turned to hypnotherapy to overcome his stuttering problem. This personalized approach allowed him to build confidence and become one of Hollywood's leading actors.

25. Bill Gates - Entrepreneur

  • Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has used visualization and hypnosis to guide his decision-making and strategic planning. This mental approach has contributed to his success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

26. Geri Halliwell - Singer

  • Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell used hypnosis to lose weight and overcome her eating disorders. This therapeutic method helped her build a healthier relationship with food and her body.

27. Kevin Costner - Actor

  • Kevin Costner sought the help of a hypnotherapist to overcome seasickness during the filming of "Waterworld." This effective use of hypnosis allowed him to perform at his best, despite challenging conditions.

28. Stephen King - Author

  • Renowned author Stephen King has used hypnosis to tap into his creativity and overcome writer's block. This tool has assisted him in producing some of the most iconic works in modern literature.

29. Lord Tennyson - Poet

  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson, one of the most famous poets of the Victorian era, used self-hypnosis to inspire his writing. His trance-like states allowed him to access a deeper level of creativity and insight.

30. Orlando Bloom - Actor

  • Actor Orlando Bloom utilized hypnotherapy to overcome his fear of public speaking. This personalized approach helped him build confidence and perform more comfortably in public and on screen.

31. Charles Dickens - Author

  • Famed author Charles Dickens was an advocate of mesmerism, an early form of hypnosis. He used this technique to explore human psychology and enhance his creativity, influencing his literary works.

32. Simon Cowell - TV Personality

  • Television producer and talent judge Simon Cowell turned to hypnosis to stop smoking. This successful use of hypnotherapy showcases the power of the mind to break harmful habits.

33. Brian May - Musician

  • Queen guitarist Brian May used hypnotherapy to overcome performance anxiety. This personalized approach allowed him to perform with confidence, contributing to his success as a musician.

34. Phil Jackson - Basketball Coach

  • Phil Jackson, a successful NBA coach, used Zen meditation and hypnosis techniques to guide his teams. These methods helped him build a cohesive unit, leading to multiple championships.

35. Reese Witherspoon - Actress

  • Reese Witherspoon used hypnotherapy during childbirth to create a more peaceful and positive experience. Her use of hypnosis demonstrates its potential to provide comfort and control during significant life events.

36. Mary Shelley - Author

  • "Frankenstein" author Mary Shelley was exposed to mesmerism and used trance-like states to inspire her writing. These experiences allowed her to tap into her subconscious mind, producing iconic literary works.

37. Kobe Bryant - Basketball Player

  • Kobe Bryant utilized meditation and hypnosis to enhance his focus and performance on the basketball court. These techniques helped him become one of the sport's most respected and successful players.

38. Adele - Singer

  • Grammy Award-winning singer Adele used hypnotherapy to overcome her stage fright. This targeted approach helped her conquer anxiety and deliver captivating performances to her fans.

39. Mark Knopfler - Musician

  • Musician Mark Knopfler used hypnotherapy to quit smoking. His success with this method showcases the potential of hypnosis to facilitate positive lifestyle changes.

40. Louis Armstrong - Musician

  • Legendary musician Louis Armstrong reportedly used hypnosis to enhance his creativity and performance. This mind-body connection allowed him to excel as one of the most influential jazz artists.

41. Drew Barrymore - Actress

  • Drew Barrymore turned to hypnosis to overcome her addiction to smoking. This therapeutic method helped her break free from this habit, reflecting a positive transformation in her life.

42. Sean Connery - Actor

  • Sean Connery, the iconic James Bond actor, utilized hypnosis to enhance his confidence and acting abilities. This method helped him deliver charismatic performances, contributing to his legendary career.

43. Amelia Earhart - Aviator

  • Pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart used visualization techniques to prepare for her groundbreaking flights. Her mental preparation played a crucial role in her achievements as a pilot.

44. Anthony Hopkins - Actor

  • Acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins has spoken about using hypnosis to explore his characters deeply and enhance his acting abilities. This creative approach has contributed to his success as a versatile performer.

45. Lily Allen - Singer

  • Singer Lily Allen used hypnotherapy to assist in weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle. This positive experience showcases the potential of hypnosis to support individual wellness goals.

46. Richard Branson - Entrepreneur

  • Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has utilized visualization and hypnosis to guide his entrepreneurial endeavors. These mental techniques have supported his innovative thinking and business success.

47. Ben Affleck - Actor

  • Actor Ben Affleck turned to hypnotherapy to quit smoking successfully. His positive experience with hypnosis highlights its effectiveness in facilitating personal growth and transformation.

48. Sir Isaac Newton - Scientist

  • Scientist Sir Isaac Newton reportedly used meditation and trance-like states to fuel his scientific discoveries. This method allowed him to delve into complex problems, contributing to his revolutionary work in physics.

49. Samuel L. Jackson - Actor

  • Samuel L. Jackson, one of Hollywood's most prominent actors, used hypnotherapy to overcome his addiction to smoking. This successful journey reflects the power of hypnosis in achieving personal change.

50. Martha Stewart - TV Personality

  • Martha Stewart, a successful businesswoman and television host, has used visualization and hypnosis to enhance her creativity and drive in her various endeavors. These techniques have contributed to her ongoing success and innovation.


Hypnosis and NLP have proven to be powerful tools for personal development, self-discovery, and achieving excellence. These 50 individuals represent a broad spectrum of talents and professions, yet all share a common thread: the use of these transformative techniques to reach new heights in their respective fields. Whether for artistic expression, athletic performance, personal growth, or overcoming challenges, hypnosis and NLP continue to be embraced by those seeking to unlock their full potential.


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